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Ist Windows 10 Build 1809 von Intel freigegeben für den NUC7i7BNH? Bei mir ist Build 1803 auf dem System und beim updaten wird das Build 1809 nicht angeboten! Gruß Weifo

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Hi Weifo,

  1. Of Course the Windows will be updated on your NUC7i7BNH from build 1803 to 1809 (and all the future releases of Windows update), pending that your current installed version is activated.
  2. To check the activation status Please open Windows settings, click on Update & Security. Next click on Activation. On the top of R.H. status you may find the activation status of you r Windows.
  3. If the Windows is activated, click on Windows Update (first from top on L.H. panel). Now you may click Check for updates.
  4. If still the version 1809 of Windows will be not download, it will be in the near future.
  5. However, if you want this update now, you may force Windows to do it now. Follow those steps:
  6. Download Windows Media Creation Tool:
  7. Run this tool , accept the license terms and then select Upgrade this PC and click on Next. The following tutorial may help you: