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Its been almost 3 months since BIOS 0060 for the NUC8i7HVK was pulled without an update.

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Should we assume that support is more or less over?

This and the promise of ongoing graphics driver support falling apart seems to imply that this is officially a dead product.

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"Should we assume that support is more or less over?"

No, you should not make such an assumption.  The issue with the bios has been verified and is being corrected.  A new bios will be released when it is tested and ready.



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Its been 3 months and multiple other products have been updated from the same 8th gen family.

When lower tier products are updated more often than flagship products it is a very bad look.

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What a silly way to think about it. I would hope that neither have any updates. The one that has more is the one that looks worse.  Having updates is a sign of issues existing. A good product will have few; an excellent product will have none.


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How is 'hope' working out for the ongoing discovery of CPU bugs?

I'd love to never update again but there are ongoing OS upgrades that make subtle changes that are more compatible with up to date BIOS. New games require updates to graphics drives to obtain the best stability and performance.

The 2080ti is an excellent product yet it can't even take advantage of the enhanced Direct X12 features without both Windows 10 20H1 (or later) AND Nvidia drivers from late June (or later).

Never updating a premium product is preposterous.

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I didn't say 'never updating'; I said 'never updating BIOS'. Of course there are going to be cases where updates are necessary for new microcode, new feature requirements (from OS), etc.; I was talking pure bugs in the BIOS.

What does the mess with the NVIDIA support have to do with this argument?


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LOL! It *has* been a long time. Still, your sarcasm is not appreciated.

Reproducing the issue in the BIOS lab in Taiwan took them a very long time (because specific to certain controllers in certain NVMe SSDs), but it *has* been reproduced and isolated to a specific set of changes. The BIOS team is currently working on a fix. It will be made available once it has been regressed and fully validated.

As for AMD dropping support for the engine in their latest driver packages, from what I have heard, this was as much of a surprise to Intel as it was to you. We'll know the outcome of this when they announce it (sorry, I have no insights on this one).