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LAN Driver Failure on D945PSN

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I have a system with a D945PSNLK socket 775 mainboard, running Windows XP Pro SP3. Several times in the past I've wiped the drives clean and reinstalled the OS. Each time I've had no problems reinstalling Intel's motherboard drivers using the CD that came with the product. However, this last time the LAN drivers were not recognized by Windows and the Ethernet port remains marked by a "?" (question mark) in Device Manager. I have only the basic Ethernet that comes built into the board; there's no separately installed NIC or PRO network function. I've tried downloading and installing the latest appropriate LAN driver from Intel, but although it seems to install without error the LAN device remains unidentified by Windows and I cannot use my DSL connection on that system. If anyone knows of a solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!

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Firstly, i would advise you to make sure to have the latest bios revision.

Then if you can, try a fresh OS installation and install all the drivers from the link below. Link

Install the drivers in this order if possible:

Make sure to use the latest LAN driver.

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