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Legacy NUC upgrade to Windows 10 Question



I have a bunch of D54250WYK NUC I need to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 because of end of support for Windows 7. I reviewed the info at the link below under Legacy Intel NUCs


The information listed for D54250WYK (in the last column)  says ... 

Support for 32-bit OS is limited:

  • Graphics: no Windows 10 32-bit drivers are available

However, when you go to the driver download page for D54250WYK, it list the following driver.

Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 10® for Legacy Intel® NUC


The context is not clear to me what is meant by 

  • Graphics: no Windows 10 32-bit drivers are available

I don't want to assume and avoid any issues. Please can someone enlighten me on this contradiction, or my lack of understanding?





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In essence, 32-bit Windows 10 is not being supported by Intel. This is true for more than just the graphics drivers. Install 64-bit Windows. I also recommend that you do not attempt to use the Windows upgrade wizard. Results using this are sometimes not so great; better to do a from-scratch install (this is a must anyway if you have an old 32-bit installation of Windows 7).

I have multiple WY NUCs and all are running Windows 10 (well, now). It runs great. I even have one that is connected to a 4K TV and supports it 4K@30Hz just fine (off mini-DisplayPort).

Hope this helps,