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Life time Battery CMOS


i have opportunity for nuc8i3BEH but the customer want to upgrade warranty 3 years to 5 years, my question is the battery CMOS can life for 5 years? becouse the qty is more than 1000 units / Q

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I am confused as to why the customer is worried about the CMOS memory. Other than the maintenance of the current date and time, the CMOS is not used. The BIOS configuration is stored in a flash component, so its contents will be retained for longer periods. Now, with respect to the battery itself, I have seen boards whose battery is still working after many years on the shelf and I have seen boards whose battery fails within a year. Remember though that the battery is only used to provide power when the system's power supply is not able to provide even standby current.



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  1. Since this is very big opportunity, you may offer to extend the warranty for 5 years, but you may exclude the battery replacement.
  2. In my opinion the battery is the smallest problem for covering by warranty more than 1000 unit. What about SO DIMM, storage drives, board, power adapter? You should hold stock of replacement parts. Probably after three years it will be hard to find any spare parts.