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M.2 issue with NUC8i5BEH / Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 drive


Dear Intel Community, can you help?!

I just bought a new NUC8i5BEH and wanted to have my new Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 (250Gb/MZ-V7S250 model) as the main drive for the Windows10 Pro install, with a more regular SSD as the secondary data drive.

Despite tweaking the BIOS settings and re-seating the drive inside the NUC, the M.2 could not can cannot be seen by the BIOS.

So, i've switched to using a more regular brand new Patriot Burst 240Gb SSD to get things going as the OS drive; now that W10 Pro is installed and ticking over very nicely, the Samsung M.2 can still not be seen in the BIOS or the OS.

Can anyone think what might be wrong here?, what might need doing? I am confused, as I thought this would be a seamless install. I've read about quite a few other NUC users with this exact same NUC model who have no probs using the 970 EVO M.2, and that's why i bought it, although admittedly Intel don't list it on their product compatibility list.

I have installed some brand new regular issue Crucial SO-DIMM RAM - 8Gb of DDR4-2400 (2x4Gb), the CT13177426 kit.

This is a brand new NUC and i think it has the latest BIOS too because the machine was built in the same month as the latest BIOS release (July 2020).

Would appreciate everyone's thoughts if they have time. Am a fairly experienced PC builder, so open to most suggestions - I am not arrogant in my build skills and consider myself as always being able to learn!!!



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Just because something is brand new and fresh out of the package does not mean that it works. One of the following is true:

  1. The M.2 SSD is incorrectly installed.
  2. The M.2 SSD is not working.
  3. The M.2 connector in the NUC is not working.

I put these in this order because I believe that you should look into them in this order. That is, remove and reinstall the M.2 SSD and see if this gets is working. If it does not, have the M.2 SSD replaced. If the replacement has a problem, have the NUC replaced (you can do this via return to point of purchase of through Intel's RMA process).

Hope this helps,


P.S. There have been previous reports here (I remember at least one and perhaps two) of 970 drives being dead straight from the package. It happens.