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MSI HERALD-AC INTEL AC8265 Wi-Fi is compatible with other motherboards?


Hi, I have a wifi adapter (MSI HERALD-AC INTEL AC8265) that came along with the motherboard (MSI-Z270 M6 AC), the motherboard was damaged and I have another board (ASUS H170 PRO). The question is that I have connected the dual band wifi adapter to my board and it only recognizes bluetooth, the wifi does not work. Do you have any solution for the wifi to work? I have downloaded all drivers and nothing works.


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This may be an OEM-designed adapter or an OEM-specific SKU of the Intel adapter. Either way, it may require adapter-specific code in the BIOS to initialize it.


Before installing any adapter into a laptop, you should always check with the laptop vendor to ensure that this adapter is going to be fully supported (including support for using its Bluetooth in pre-boot operations (BIOS Setup, etc.)). Some of the laptop vendors implement whitelists or blacklists in their BIOS; using use them to "push you" (a polite way of saying the slimy scumbags force you) into purchasing your adapter through them.


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