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Mainboard DQ35JO driver problem at win7

Hi all, i have DQ35JO mainboard on my system. I have some driver problem with it at win7 32-bit system. I previously used WinXP Pro 32-bit and did not have this problem. I bought a month ago win7. I installed on my system and have problems. I've searched but could not find any solutions. I can not install the sound card and network connection. All drivers are updated. As the screenshot below. Please help me get someone. Thank you for all...

My mainboard ID

My Computer Device Manager

My problems

And the latest driver checked on

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This motherboard was not natively designed to support Microsoft* Windows* 7 therefore there are not drivers available for the hardware components ion this motherboard for Microsoft* Windows* 7.

However concerning the LAN/Ethernet controller on the motherboard you may use the generic driver avaiable on the following site:

Concerning the audio, I would recommend you to try to search for a generic version of that driver too (which is not our our site) or use the one that comes with the operating system.