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Meaning of yellow power led

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Boots normally, but power led stays yellow. How do I interpret this? Up to now led has stayed solid blue.

I am feeding a standard monitor and a drawing tablet. One from HDMI and the other from Thunderbolt. Both show the same image-which is what I want for drawing.

Startup sometimes takes two pushes of the button. Not sure if this is normal. I would also like to have a setup where a (bluetooth) mouse click would accomplish startup. Can this be done?

Thanks for helping.

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Have you checked the LED configuration in the BIOS? Have you tried using the the LED Manager app?
Regarding Bluetooth, are you talking about startup from Sleep or Suspend state?
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Thanks for the reply. I suspect you go by "Scott", so may I unload some thoughts about the NUC and me?

As far as computer literacy, I'd put myself on about a "7 of 10" level. I built my old Big Box PC from components and brought it through several iterations of Windows. I'm an ex-Microsoft employee (documentation, not programming).

I bought my NUC in hope for a physically compact system with lots of I/O possibilities. It is that. My problem is that documentation or how-to data is so sparse. I did find the technical product spec and I would guess that I understand about 70% of the content.

People like you are really my only support for the NUC. I am retired and working solo on most of this. I am to the point of seeing if I can re-sell the NUC and purchase a system with better documentation and a strong user group. I mistook the NUC as a compact end-user system, but I have come to believe that it is basically a framework for OEMs and modders.

I would very much appreciate your reactions. Also, where would you advertise if it comes to re-sale.

Thanks for listening to my issues.

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Intel sells the NUCs as bare boards, kits or as (more or less) full systems. If you are not comfortable working at the kit level, look at the system-level products instead (see here: You can also deal with companies like SimplyNUC ( or, who take the kits, generate their own system-level products, and provide the tech support that you might need.


(Yes, Scott; and I am retired too)