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My 8i3bek NUC won't boot, no lights at all. Suggestions?


Hey Intel community,


I have an Intel 8i3bek NUC that's been sitting for a year or so now, waiting for a robot project I was 3d printing. I finally got around to using it, and it ran for a couple of days and I shut it down, but now it won't boot again.


When I plug it into the power supply, there are no lights at all. I opened it up, and gave it a blowout, but noticed no burned areas. I removed the SSD, and RAM, and tested it, but still nothing.


I checked the power supply voltage, it was 19V before going into the NUC, after putting it into the NUC and pulling it out (without turning it on), the power supply drops to less than 1V. 


Not sure what this means, but I'm assuming there's a short in the NUC somewhere? Or in the Power Supply? Any ideas on what it could be before I take it to a computer shop?


Thanks, Phil

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 Check with an other Power Supply (you may take one from a laptop, which is usually 19VDC).