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My dealer recommended NUC7i5BNH for 3 monitors with resolution Monitor1 2560x1440 60Hz. monitor2 1920x1200 60Hz and monitor3 1920x1200 60Hz. After running fine from 1 hour up to 2 days, the main monitor starts flickering and 3rd monitor turns black.


The Main monitor 2560x1440 is connected the internal HDMI connector.

Second monitor through a USB - HDMI 4K adapter and 3rd monitor through USB-C - HDMI cable adapter. The problem can start from startup or it can happen after 2 days of use. All drivers is updated with last releases. Should this NUC support this Display setup? If yes how to configure and connect? or is there any other NUC that will support this?


Regards Øyvind Balk

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  1. "Should this NUC support this Display setup?" Not exactly. You may see the possibilities defined in para. and in Technical Product Specification.
  2. " there any other NUC that will support this?" Yes:

NUC8ixBEx see para. in TPS

NUC8ixHNK see para. and in TPS

NUC8ixHVK see para. and in TPS