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My laptops Audio drivers have not been working after I reformatted my PC I have looked everywhere and tried everything I could think of and I have run out of ideas.


My laptops graphics driver was not working correctly so I decided to reformat my PC to see if it could resolve the issue and as I booted my laptop up there was a red circle with a white x saying "No audio output device is installed"

I then ran the windows troubleshooter which told me there were no issues with my audio. I then checked device manager and found that the driver "Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) OED" had a yellow warning symbol I clicked on it and it showed the error code "This device cannot start. (Code 10)Configuration mismatch (production/engineering)."

I then looked the code up online and followed the exact step by step guide for resolving the issue and that did not work either. I then took it into a shop they told me to download a driver online and then try that which worked! finally we tested it in the shop worked all good got home and like something out of a skit the same exact error occurred, I then reinstalled the driver that we installed in the shop and it worked until I had to turn my laptop off. so now whenever I turn my computer on I need to reinstall the driver now that has just stopped working so I physically have 0 clue what I can do.

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This forum is for Intel NUCs. Contact your laptop manufacturer for support of THEIR device, and make sure you are using the drivers on THEIR support site.




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