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N10i5 won't run 2 monitors


My N5i7 just shot craps on me, so I swapped the SSD into a new N10i5.  On the old N5, I ran 2 monitors.  However, the N10 will not run a 2 monitor setup.

I have made sure that all of drivers/firmware are up to date and I swapped out my "B" monitor for a newer model (A & B monitors are now both 4-5 years old) that I could use with a (Thunderbolt 3) USB C-to-HDMI adapter.  The old setup used a mini-DP to VGA adapter on the "B" monitor and extended the displays, allowing me to use the screens independently.

However, the N10 will not detect that a 2nd monitor is in use.  As a result, it will only either run both monitors as mirrored displays locked at 1024x768 or it will ignore the "B" monitor entirely and display the "A" monitor at the higher typical resolution (1920x1080 I think; the monitors are ASUS 27" & 24"models).

Since these are relatively current monitors and the "B" unit is using the HDMI port via the Thunderbolt 3 adapter cord, I assumed that the N10 would have the same capabilities as the N5.  Is there something else that I am missing?  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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NUC FN can drive two and even three displays. Please refer to Multiple Display Configuration Options for Intel® NUC Kits NUC10i7FN, NUC10i5FN, NUC10i3FN to connection examples. Could be a problem in the USB C to HDMI adapter, it may have fault. Can you use USB C to DP adapter? Ensure that the HDMI firmware is updated.