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NUC 11 PAHi5 crashes after display off


I have been asked to post this by a moderator. This is my third attempt to post.

I have a NUC11PAHi5 that I purchased and configured two weeks ago. I installed the latest graphics driver and BIOS 042.

If I left the unit idle for longer than the screen timeout (set to 10 minutes), so that the display switched off, then the unit would not respond to keyboard and mouse. I also could not be accessed using the remote desktop.

After power cycling the unit the windows event log was read:
There was an entry stating "The previous system shutdown was unexpected".
The date and time given was earlier than the time I power cycled, but several minutes after the event log reporting that "The system is entering connected standby, Reason: Idle Timeout." This indicates that the system completely crashed some time after entering connected standby (and turned off the screen).

After reading many threads on the forum I downgraded the graphics driver to The system has successfully come out of sleep / screen for the 8 days since I downgraded to

The logical conclusion is that there is a regression in driver version 30.x.

I can attach logs after this post is accepted into the system

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