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NUC 11 drivers for Windows Server 2019?


Hi everyone. Before I jump into the drivers I'm hoping to get my hands on (or bypass compatibility issues), I realize NUC's aren't made for running Windows Server and it shouldn't be deployed in a production environment.


- Ethernet Controller / Network Controller / PCI device (VEN_8086)

- PCI device (VEN_10EC) -- Realtek card reader?

- Unknown device (VID_8087) -- Bluetooth?


Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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First of all, NUC11 is not a valid way to identify your NUC, there are four complete families of NUCs that are under that general moniker. We cannot tell what you are talking about other than that it contains an 11th gen processor. For more information on the right way to refer to it, please review this page: Product Code Naming Convention for Intel® NUC (Gen 11+).

Ok, that said and not knowing what you have, here's a breakdown of the wireless solutions contained on these NUCs, by family:

TN - AX201 (Wireless-AX WiFi 6)

PH - AX201

PA - AX201

BT - AX210 (Wireless-AX WiFi 6e)

Consult this document for information on the OS support provided for these Wireless solutions: Supported Windows Operating Systems for Intel® Wireless Products.

Hope this helps,



Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. Apologies for the lack of specification, I thought the newer models all used the same chipset. Mine is a NUC11PAHi5. I think at this point all I need is the driver for the network card. I tried the solution I found online but that turned out to be a no-go ("no compatible drivers found" after specifying the directory I put them in). Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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I will answer for both the Wireless and Wired solutions and for all of the NUC11 families (Yea, I probably could have done this right off the bat yesterday, but I am getting irked lately with the number of people who so-sloppily describe their NUCs and I simply *had* to make a statement somewhere (sorry)).

1. Wireless: Per Supported Windows Operating Systems for Intel® Wireless Products, there is no support for Windows Server 2019.

2. Wired: Per Supported Operating Systems for Intel Ethernet Controllers (LOM)support for Windows Server 2019 is dependent upon the controller utilized and this varies from one NUC11 family to another:

  • PA Family: i225-V - Not supported.
  • PH Family: i225-V - Not supported.
  • TN Family: i225-LM - Supported. Note that Windows Server 2019 is the only Windows Server version supported.
  • BT Family: i225-LM - Supported. Note that Windows Server 2019 is the only Windows Server version supported.

So there you have it. In your case, the answer is, I am sorry to say, no support for either Wired or Wireless solutions.

That said, I have heard mention of folks working on getting the Windows 10/11 drivers to load, but I am not a Windows Server user and this have not investigated whether this is actually possible - and it goes without saying that this isn't validated nor supported by Intel.




All good! I appreciate the detailed info. Right now I have two decent Anker ethernet adapters setup for teaming which hopefully will suffice.

Hello everyone interested in this topic,

The newly acquired (2022-09-20) Intel NUC11TNki7 running an 1165G7 processor had difficulty installing the Wireless-Win10_Win11- driver to be used with Server 2019 Essentials.  The error produced in Device Manager was "Service installation section of this INF is invalid".  All other drivers installed with the 16 downloads from Intel. For 2 of the drivers that need a little pampering use the following Intel links.

Simple Communication Controller 
Management Engine 


The solution to the wireless issue was found by "lemeper" on Reedit about 3 years ago. It is to execute the following in PowerShell admin and then update the driver.

Add-WindowsFeature -Name Wireless-Networking

I hope this saves some time for someone else.