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NUC 12 Extreme *Require* Intel support


Hello, I bought NUC 12 Extreme i9 12900 yesterday and overall I'm very happy with the unit so far.. great design and build quality, and also very quite etc. (at least on idle)


I've noticed one major issue so far: Graphics Cards compatibility for NUC 9 Extreme has NOT been updated properly on Intel site,

- Only 9 different cards are listed there, but I know for a fact plenty other cards can be installed on this NUC.. such as Asus RTX2060 Mini(dual fan), Asus RTX2070 Mini(dual fan), Asus RTX3060Ti Mini(dual fan), Asus RTX3070Ti Turbo(blower fan), Asus RTX3080 Turbo(blower fan), Asus RTX3080Ti Turbo(blower fan) etc (Note: I'm not 100% sure about the last one, Asus RTX3080Ti Turbo since it's OEM model and specs not listed on Asus website, but I'm pretty sure it's identical size to Asus RTX3080 Turbo)

- I really think Supported GPU List need to be properly updated ASAP, considering that main reason people purchase NUC 12 Extreme is to install a decent graphics card in a tiny NUC(smoller than typical ITX).



I also hope we'll get new BIOS update on NUC 9 Extreme to support the upcoming Intel i9 13900 and i7 13700, etc processors.

- I sincerely hope that is the case.. because all motherboard manufacturers release new BIOS to support the new processors when it can be supported(for obvious reasons).

- Since NUC 9 Extreme comes with Z690 chipset motherboard, it can definitely support all upcoming Intel 13th gen processors, and I want to upgrade my i9 12900 to i9 13900(or 13900T).

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Here are some listed of supported video cards for Intel NUC 12 Extreme in details.


NVidia RTX3080Ti FE = 285 x 112 x 40 mm
NVidia RTX3080 FE = 285 x 112 x 40 mm
Asus RTX3080Ti Turbo = ??? x ??? x ?? mm
Asus RTX3080 Turbo = 268 x 113 x 39 mm
Asus RTX3070Ti Turbo = 268 x 113 x 39 mm
Asus RTX3060Ti Mini = 200 x 123 x 38 mm

But there are many more..

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See my comments in this thread.


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