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NUC 5i3RYH doesn't boot green and blue led on fan is blowing on high speed


I own a NUC5i3RYH with 16 GB RAM (2x 8GB) and M2 SSD which I rebooted last evening to finish Windows updates.

The NUC isn't booting any more. Green and Blue LED are on stable. The fan is running at high speed

I removed SSD and RAM to see whether the bootloader is working.  Wit no RAM installed Blue LED should flash, but it doesn't. Fan is running at high speed constanly


I've unplugged the cmos battery for 15 minutes and the NUC has lost the cmos settings because it doesn't auto power anymore when the power is restored.

When the NUC is powered on with the power on button, the Blue LED is on permanently. The NUC doesn't power off with the power button.


No video output and no beeps.


What can be wrong




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Hi @ebmns 

1. It is not clear to me what did you updated that caused this situation? Software (i.e. Windows) or BIOS? Can you describe in more detail, what event caused this failure?

2. Can this NUC boot from Windows installation USB? If you don't have one, create it using Microsoft Media Creation Tool





@LeonWaksman thank you for your response.


1. The system wast rebooted to complete Windows updates.

2. The NUC isn't doing anything,  when I connect the power, the green LED (on the mainboard) is turned on and when I power it on, the blue LED and fan are turned on. The fan is running at a high speed.  I can't turn the NUC off with the power button

3. There is no video output

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That's very weird. Windows update can corrupt Windows boot but it should not affect BIOS.  

1. When NUC is ON and you hold the Power Button depressed few seconds, it is not turning OFF?

2. If the answer in para. 1 is yes (i.e. you can't turn it OFF with switch), while turning the NUC ON (after disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable) check if it can boot into Power Button Menu: 

- NUC is off

- depress the Power Button and hold it for 3 seconds, count 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004 and release the Power Button. NUC should boot into Power Button Menu.





1. When NUC is ON and you hold the Power Button depressed few seconds, it is not turning OFF indeed

2. When NUC is off  and depress and hold  power button for 3 or more seconds, the blue LED is lid and fan starts running fast. That's it


No video, no beeps, just green and blue led lid, fan running at high speed. nothing else


I followed the No Boot troubleshooting steps


But there is a step missing :  Power LED is lit and solid; no blinks  -> fan is running fast is not included in the troubleshooting steps


I'm afraid the NUC died and is unrecoverable. I will keep it for a short while, hopefully someone does know what this issue is.


I bought a new NUC 10 as replacement and it's up and running already. 


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