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NUC 6i7KYK randomly shuts off but power lights are still on


I have a problem with my NUC 6i7KYK. It has a Samsung Pro Evo 850 SSD and two Kingston 16Gb DDR4 RAM chips. It's running Windows 10 Professional.


The NUC randomly shuts off, but the power lights remain lit - I initially thought the Windows power saver, but the keyboard and mouse cannot wake it back up, and it happens at random intervals, not at a specific time.


Does anyone know the source of the problem? I looked online and many places said it was PSU, but this is built in to the NUC! Please help!

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I just had my Skull Canyon do the same thing. After I took the cover off, I observed the blower randomly stopping. Sometimes it would spin on startup, sometimes not. When it did spin, it would run for a while, then randomly stop. When stopped, there was a thermal trip.


So, watch your blower. If it randomly freezes/stops,, there is your problem.


The resolution for mine was a warranty replacement.