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NUC 9 extreme Case Fan control or BOIS settings



i like to know if there is a way to control the 2 case fans (not the cpu fan) and to read the speed of them in windows or linux.

I tried System Information Viewer and HWMonitor but both show just the gpu or gpu and cpu fan speed.

I got a custom case (dolch computer) with the nuc inside and the airflow is different. I need to control the fans because they running very slow at all time and there is no way to change the behaviour of the fans at all. There are 2 x 4 pin PWD connection on the mainboard but no options in the BIOS or windows and so on.




Thank You

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You can monitor these fans, but you cannot control them. The card's Embedded Controller is making all of the decision and this is not configurable. IMHO, this is absolutely horrible - and I have told them that - but nothing has been done about it. As for monitoring, there is a spec for how to do this, but it is only available via NDA.

Call Intel Customer Support directly and have them open a formal ticket requesting this capability. If you wish, you can also get a contact for working on an NDA agreement so you can get the monitoring details. I would point out that the AIDA64 application (not freeware) and (perhaps, but not always) the HWiNFO64 application (freeware) will have support for displaying the temperature, voltage and fan speed sensors.



Thank You for your answer. 


I don't understand why a company build a mainboard without this function/options. i mean it's not 486 and every company build mainboards is doing it. Its a standard since 15 years or so and specialty with a small form factor like that.

Just wondering, why no one else complaint about that.

I was badly surprised when i saw that there is no option for the other fans.

I thought first, may be the BIOS is so advanced that it just show detected fans and hoped to get the option after an BIOS update or the cable is not connected properly.

Looks like, now i have to find an external controller, may be via usb or so.


Hopefully intel will change it, if it possible from the hardware and BIOS site.

I makes just no sense to me.