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NUC D34010WYK - Still having USB 3.0 Problems after all this time.

I have a consistent problem with USB 3.0 devices not being recognized as such and connected to the USB 2.0 hub - no matter which external port is being used. I have kept the BIOS and system drivers updated to the latest releases with no change in this issue. The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 with all updates.

This was from a thread of a year ago:

"Hi all, if you are still having this issue, please try this workaround:

get back to the generic USB driver: Boot into Safe mode with F8.

In Control Panel > Programs and Features, uninstall the Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver."

I tried this workaround, and it completely disabled all USB so keyboard, mouse, etc. were disabled when in Windows. Had to go back in Safe Mode to reinstall USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver to restore USB functionality.

Is there any possibility of another solution that will make USB 3.0 work consistently on this NUC?

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Try changing the xHCI mode in BIOS, USB configuration.

If the above recommendation does not help, let me know:

Does the issue occur if the USB hub is not used? Is this an externally powered USB hub? What devices are not being recognized?

When does the issue happen? Does it occur on boot, or after resuming from sleep, hibernation?