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NUC Intel i7 - The best configuration

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Hi, I'm in Brazil and I intend to buy a NUC Intel client in the best configuration possible.


So I think to buy:

- i7 barebone version of the 8th generation.

- 32 GB of RAM

- 500 GB ssd m.2 disk


The second disk will not be necessary, and the client will use external storage via USB.


The cabinet, I prefer the standard, the 7i7BNH model, the one with more internal space, for greater ventilation.


The use that the customer will give to the NUC will be the reproduction of audio and video in the most advanced formats.


It is important that the configuration supports the 10-bit H265 video, HDR and music in the most advanced formats. Above all, the model can no longer play any existing audio or video format, such as the new Atmos etc.


I also hope to receive concrete information on m.2 disk models and memory brand so that the NUC performs best.


The question of cost should not be a barrier.


Thank you for now for your tip for the best purchase.

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Hi CLima3, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support. In reference to your question, the Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7DNHE will be a good option for this scenario, it supports 32GB as you can confirm in the link below: Regarding the m.2 disk, in the following link you will find a list of disks that were tested by Intel as fully compatible with the NUC, you will see in there many different brands and sizes, including 500GB. Besides that you will also be able to check the memory RAM that were tested by Intel as fully compatible with the unit: Additionally, the NUC supports HDR, please verify page 20, and also supports 10-bit H265 video, please check page 30: Regards, Alberto R. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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Hi CLima3, The NUC7i7DNHE is for sure a good option, more information about Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding is available on the following document: look for page #35. Also on the same document look for page #43 - Display Technologies for further information about eDP/DP and HDMI. More good options here: I hope this helps, Ronny G
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