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NUC Kit NUC8i3BEH, Does not wake up from sleep

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I just want to say it to whom ever is willing to listen.

After few days of talking to intel representative named "eduard" I was told I have an incompatible memory modul in my NUC that coasing my NUC to be irresponsive in sleep mode & not wake up.

I'm afraid i can't find any of of these modules in my region which is Israel ( middle east ).

Further, everything works regularly with my memory module. I understand it's a little bit faster than my NUC's motherboard supports ( 2666mhz instead of 2400mhz max ). but i don't believe my ram module is the source of the problem.

I believe I got a faulty pc and no memory module will fix it.

I can't gamble on my money like this when my pc is fully operational except for waking up from sleep mode.

If the problem persists after i have bought my new ram module no one will give me a refund.

I think I'll stick with my NUC the way it is without buying a new memory module.

I consider buying something else, not an Intel NUC.

I want people to know that.


I expected Intel to replace my NUC since it's very new ( 3 weeks old ) and in order to show me some good will and please me. but they didn't.

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Hi @R.Kede​ ,

  1. Did you try to talk with your local supplier, where your NUC was bought? You have warranty that should be honored.
  2. Are your BIOS setting set to defaults? If not please do it. Ensure that Fast Boot is disabled.
  3. In your previous post you wrote that your NUC "sometimes" is not waking up from sleep. What you mean by saying "sometimes" ? One of two? One of ten? Can you be more specific.
  4. Disable Fast boot in Windows and try if it helps.
  5. Are you using wireless Mouse + keyboard? Try how it is working with wired keyboard.




New Contributor I

Hi Leon.

I tried talking to my local supplier who has offered me to deposit my NUC at the shop for "stress test" and then decide what to do with my NUC. I declined his offer since I need this computer and I don't rely on the shops honesty & integrity.

My bios is set to default ( no fast boot ).

When I wrote "sometimes" i meant to say after waiting for more than 30 minuets ( more or less ).

Sometimes it seems as if my NUC has awoken but there's no display and no light coming out of my mouse ( it has some lights ).

I use wired keyboard & mouse. the mouse is connected directly to the NUC.

I really don't see how it makes sense that my memory module is working flawlessly and the issue of waking up is somehow connected to it. I think eduard the technician was wrong.

I have no other choice but shutting off my NUC and restarting it, sometimes 3 times a day or more/


Super User

Hi Ronen,

  1. I agree with you that probably not the memory causing this problem. But also I not suppose that this phenomena it is caused hardware failure. I believe that in some way it is related to Windows settings.
  2. In the past they where problems reported that the monitor was staying OFF after WOL event. This was fixed in bios version 0073, which you have updated in your NUC.
  3. You didn't answer if this problem exists if you disable Fast Boot in Windows Power Settings?
  4. On the net there is lot advises how to deal with this problem. For example here are few advises that you should try:





New Contributor I

Hi again Leon & thank you for your time & good will.

Only now do I realize there's a fast boot option in win 10. I'm really new to win 10.

So I disabled it a minute ago.

I have no way of knowing if it did the trick or not, But the issue occured also in linux ( KDE Neon ).


Both of my keyboard & mouse are marked positive to wake up my PC.


I'll give you an update tomorrow.

Thanks again.

New Contributor I

Hi again.

Just wanna say it happened again this morning.

It happens randomly. There's no clear pattern to when it happens or not.

As I have said before, I have no choice but to turn it off and restart it all over again ( 3-4 times a day ).

In addition to that , after shut down my NUC is irresponsive, so I have to unplug the power cable out of my wall outlet. It won't restart any other way after I'm shutting it down with the power button.

I'm mentioning all this so it would be clear how inconvenient it is, since I must get up of my chair in order to do that and unplug the power cable.

As I have mentioned before- the issue occurs also in Linux.

I really don't know what do to....

You also live in Israel , You can also see that it's not possible to find any of the Intel certified memory modules in any shop.

I cant just buy some memory card & use it for testing purposes. they won't refund me in case of any incompatibility regarding sleep mode only. so... it's a problem.


If you live in Israel I'm sure you know KSP shops. They don't have any of Intel's certified ram modules.

I also did a search by model number of some memory modules which Intel certifies and came up with nothing is Israel.

At-least if Intel would have send me something like a memory module to prove me wrong.... but no. they put all the blame on me alone.

I don't believe it would have happened to me with some other brand like dell or asus.

this asus mini pc for instance has no compatibility issues with ram module.

I would expect Intel to take some responsibility and at least send me a ram module or even sell it to me. not sending me off in the way did.

I'm not a free rider & not trying to get anything for free.

But I can't gamble on my money they way they want me to.

Super User

Hi Ronen,

  1. Sorry to hear that now of my advises helped.
  2. However I don't agree that there is not Intel Validated memory to by in Israel. For your NUC this is the list of validated memory (open the memory category):
  3. Here you have some examples from KSP shop: , ,
  4. Please read my private message.




New Contributor I

I went to the store & bought an Intel validated memory module but It's still too early to say if it did the trick or not.

I'll update on this issue tomorrow.

If nothing will help, I'll change the settings to "hibernation" each time i leave my desk & hope for the best

( hibernation is much too slow ).


the memory card is Kingston 8GB 2400 MHz , KVR24S17S8/8

I saw it in this link-

New Contributor I

unfortunately it happened again with Intel's validated memory stick.

I can prove i have the memory stick installed in my NUC. I'm really not bluffing..

I'll run an SSU report and upload it.

This memory stick cost me 190 shekel which is about 50 US $.

Now who on earth will refund me my money ?

New Contributor I

I think it's a shame Intel is ignoring me the way the do.

I've provided Intel customer support everything they have demanded and more but to no avail.

I've also proven Intel customer support representative " Eduard" that I've installed an Intel validated memory stick. I've done so with an SSU report & pictures I've taken with my camera.

Now what?

They simply ignore me...


Now since I have no other choice, I've set my computer to hibernate, which is much slower than sleep mode.

Intel doesn't seem to care....

I think next time' I'll buy a mini Asus.