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NUC M15 laptop LAPBC710 - Bad performance on battery power



I'm noticing that when I am unplugged and running off battery, the CPU performance is severely reduced.

If I am running something that fully taxes all cores, the CPU usage according to task manager is limited to around 50-60% and the clock speed is only around 2.0GHz. When plugged in, I am getting 3.5GHz+ with 100% of the CPU utilized, as it should be.

This is unacceptable and I would like a solution.


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Hi, I know this post is five months old by now but if certain Power Settings advanced options are missing  (e.g. Processor Power Management in your case) you can access the Registry Editor to unhide them. Navigate to:


First off, I recommend making a back up of the registry settings before editing.

Select each of the submenus until you find a description that reads something like "Specify power management settings for your computer's processor." and  "Processor Power Management". 

Expand that submenu and go through folders until you find one with a description like "Maximum Power Frequency", "Maximum Processor State", "Processor performance boost mode", and "Processor Boost Policy". 

For each of these, set the "Attributes" key to the value 2. This unhides them from the Advanced Power Options menu. The next time you close and re-open the window, they should be visible. (There are a multitude of other settings that can be played around with but I don't really recommend it; it's a lot of trial and error and you can easily end up with worse settings)

There are too many choices for each option to be listed here, but tune them as needed. Be aware that some options override others (e.g. 99% Max Processor State will prevent turbo boost even if it's set to Enabled)