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NUC NUC11TNHi7 -- Unable to access AMT via BIOS


Hi folks:


I just bought a NUC11TNHi7 and I'm unable to access the AMT menu.   I've updated the BIOS to the current version and I've tried doing CTRL-P with a couple of different keyboards pressing it constantly from the instant it powers on with no luck.   I've also tried it with caps-lock and by doing CTRL-SHIFT-P, none of which work.   I've tried resetting the bios to the default values (F9) and also turning on Expansion Card Text, per some other threads.   The BIOS info screen indicates that Management Extension is there, so I'm sort of stuck at this point.   I paid extra for this model explicitly because of the AMT, so if I can't get it to work I'll need to return it.


BIOS Info ScreenBIOS Info Screen

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