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NUC PXE Boot not accepting DHCP offer


So we recently bought a NUC7I3BNH for evaluation purposes because we are looking for replacements for our current clients. While setting it up we ran into the problem that while it does send out a DHCP request and gets an offer in return it does not ACK that offer and PXE boot will not continue. This is true for both Legacy PXE and UEFI PXE boot for IPV4. We have not tested IPV6 as the network infrastructure we are running these clients in is not configured for IPV6 DHCP.


The network port in question is not problematic for PXE boot in general as another client on the exact some port has no problems booting from PXE. There is no issue with STP or PortFast in this case as we clearly see the packets for DHCP requests come in at the DHCP server. The returned offer is ignored however.

I have attached the relevant two packets as a wireshark readable trace. This repeats a couple of times while the NUC keeps trying to get an IP address but seems to ignore the offer.

Any help would be appreciated

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Stay with your other thread:



What other thread? I've checked OP's account and this is the only thread they've made. There is no other thread on this forum that even asks about this problem. If there is a solution, I'd love to hear it. We've got an Intel NUC with the same problem, even after upgrading the BIOS.


At least link the other thread for anyone else viewing this if you're going to tell OP off.