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NUC REINSTALL - from scratch



i have a few NUC devices all the same. They are NUC8i5BEKPA4

They all had windows 11 system on them 64 bit.

One of the NUCs I wanted to wipe and reinstall windows 10 - 32 bit. (just as i purchased a business and some of their software only runs on the 32bit SQL etc...  

It was a system    for trophy industry. It is based on old programming C++ etc.

So what I wanted to do was to remove the previous owners huge PC tower and noisy old dinosaur machine that runs extremely slow.   Then transfer the old software to the NUC with windows 10 32 bit.  Then i could use my windows 11 64 bit machines to access the files and set them up as a workstation.


Its only the machine as the server that needs the 32 bit.

I had a tech guy come out last week and it is an issue with the SQL server and other items not compatible with the windows 64 bit platform.


So I deleted all the partitions and wiped them while i had windows 11 installed. Now when i turn my NUC on i cant get it to reload windows.  I load defaults, change them. One stage i got it to boot of the USB disk and it gets to the windows screen to select country and language but them the keyboard and mouse does not get recognised.

The keyboard and mouse is recognised in the bios, but when i boot from the usb windows setup it then does not detect.  I have been looking at solutions and trying for 3 days.

I am at a loss of how to fix it.

I have been trying EFI shell and not sure how i can get the machine back up or restore or setup images and load the windows 32bit system onto my NUC.

Any help appreciated

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Per Intel NUC Supported Operating Systems, Intel only supports 64-bit Windows 10/11 on the 8th gen NUCs. If you are going to use this unit as a Server, I would suggest that you run 32-bit Windows 10 in a VM. I don't believe that any validation of these platforms with 32-bit Windows 10/11 is being done.

I have to add, 32-bit programs are supported on 64-bit systems and it is the rare mistake that would cause a 32-bit program to not work. Have they tried using the compatibility mode settings?

Sorry you are having this problem,