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NUC Triggers HDMI Switch


I have my new NUC8i5BEH connected to a three way hardware HDMI switch along with Cable TV and an Asustor AS3102T NAS.

The HDMI switch is designed to automatically switch to a newly detected connection. When I am watching TV and the NUC is in sleep mode periodically the switch will change over to the NUC input (which is blank) and I have to grab the HDMI switch remote and force it back to the TV input.

My NAS never causes this problem just the NUC. It is like the NUC periodically sends out a signal over the HDMI cable even though it is in sleep mode triggering the input change. There seems to be no options to change my HDMI switch so I was hoping there is someway to configure the NUC/OS so that it remains quiet and stops triggering the HDMI switch.

I am running Windows 10 Pro 1803 as an operating system.

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Hello jaycahow,

Thank you for posting.

This could be related to the ACPI, this feature gives the operating system direct control over the power management and Plug and Play functions of a computer. Based on that, you can try to disable this feature via Windows settings and check if it helps in this scenario. I have searched the web for solutions on how to do this, but since I am no expert regarding Windows 10 my recommendation is checking with their support on how to disable this feature for this particular operating system build.

Addionationaly, check with the device manufacturer of your switch for a firmware update. You can also try with a different HDMI cable, if possible a different brand that the one you are currently using.

You can get more information about ACPI here:

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