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NUC X15 Uniwill software

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The Uniwillservice that the X15 laptop uses for the NUC Software Centre is the same one used in a Mechrevo UmiPro3, the only difference seems to be the control software made available.  The issue does not appear to be technical in nature, just Intel's choice to restrict access to the more advanced configurations.


The software for the UMIPro3 3 allows MUCH more configurations including custom fan profiles and settings targets for power usage for the CPU and GPU without having to run external software.  The NUC Software Centre needs an update to enable some more advanced control over our devices without having to run external software.   


The only thing stopping me moving over permanently to the Mechrevo Creator Center software permanently is that it isn't in English so working out exactly what each slider does is somewhat difficult with a translator app.  If someone knows how to switch to English for the Mechrevo please DM me.


The custom fan profiles in the Creator Center software work perfectly. I'm not 100% confident what the power settings do because the translation is a bit interesting on Google's app.  The app appears to be able to set the total power draw in Watts for the GPU and CPU individually which could allow us to make better use of power saving features on battery instead of the preprogrammed steps we currently get.  Other settings appear to be over/underclocking options that again could increase performance or reduce power usage and heat making it a far more flexible platform.


An example of this in practice would be limiting the CPU more heavily and increasing GPU power to have the same total power draw as Power Saving mode but significantly improved gaming.  I was able to simulate this by limiting the cpu in Intel XTU when in balanced mode and had around 3x the gaming performance for a very small bump in total draw.  This could be further refined if we had access to the sliders like in MechRevo's app.  Another example is allowing the unlocked GPU performace from benchmarking mode in High performance mode or with even lower cpu settings and not requiring the locked on max fan speeds due to being able to set more aggressive profiles to manage it.



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JohnDoh, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

Thank you very much for your feedback. It is important to mention that for Intel® all the observations and suggestions provided by all of our clients are very important. For that reason, I will send your remarks to the proper department for them to be aware of your comments in order to keep improving the customer's experience while using Intel® products.

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This is a pretty good write-up and I concur with your justifications for these options. These options would give users more flexibility. I also have the same reason to not switch — the UI is in Chinese.

I also think the laptop gets a little too hot for being a "lap" top and could do with a custom fan curve (while preserving the option to passive cool as much as possible). Currently we only have three modes which aren't very granular.

I vouch that Intel adds these options to the Nuc Software Studio control panel.

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There really isn't any sense that Intel are paying attention to these machines, or the requisite software to make them run properly - hence Chinese companies taking it into their own hands. 

There is ludicrously little info on the web about these machines - and I've got custom searches across ALL rebranded versions of them, and a helluva lot less from Intel themselves.

It's a sad state of affairs.

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