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NUC audio HDMI not working


So i have a NUC - BOXNUC8i5BEK2 and was running windows 10 just fine until an update, not sure if it was windows update or intel audio driver... however i don't really have an roll back option in device manager so i dwnloaded the previous driver after trying to install the latest one a couple of times. the thing is that when it supposedly finished it askes for restart, after restart the sound works until the point where the intel install window pops up again and wants to finish the installation, after which it doesn't work again. i managed to get it work by canceling the installation when windows restarts, but i have to install the driver now every time i restart the comp.

my nuc is connected to tv via hdmi cable

currently running windows 10 pro

version 21h1 (os build 19043.1165)

sorry if this thread already exists i couldn't find it.

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Try the clean driver installation:

1. Download the Intel Graphics Driver, version 8681 Unizip the downloaded file.

2. Disconnect the Internet.

3. In the Device Manager click on the Display adapters and then right click on Intel Graphics. Next, click on Uninstall device  (check the "Delete driver software..." option).

4. Reboot NUC and verify that in Display adapter you see now Microsoft basic graphics adapter. If not yet, repeat para. 3-4).

5. Double click on the previously downloaded driver and wait for installation to start.

6. When installation finishes, reconnect the Internet and reboot NUC

7. After restart, when you are asked to continue the installation, click on "cancel".







Apparently it solved the problem, for now. Thank you very much Leon you were of great help!

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