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NUC can't boot from a USB drive, stuck in BIOS menu


I have a NUC8i7BEK with Bios v72 (brand new)

I created a boot USB drive with Rufus, stick it in a back port. I press F10 and go to the BIOS menu. There I see the USB drive as a choice, it says:

UEFI : USB : USB Flash memory 1.0: Part 0: OS Bootloader

I scroll to that, press enter, the screen blinks briefly, then I am back to that same menu. I can select other boot options, that works fine. But I can't make it boot from my USB stick.


I bought another stick (scandisk USB 2.0), same result

I used rufus, unetbootin, UUI , same result (partition scheme MBR, FAT32)

I tried on another NUC, same result


unselected secure boot in BIOS


running out of ideas, any suggestion is welcome...

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