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NUC crashing frequently, showing PXE-E61 and PXE-M0F error messages


My Intel NUC boots up fine, so my problem is different from the ones posted in 2016. But the error messages I get are the same: 

  • PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable
  • PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.


The difference is that I don't get these error messages during boot up. Instead, my Intel NUC (running Windows 10) crashes, then shows the above error messages. However it also adds this message:


  • Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.


What should I do to stop the Intel NUC from crashing? When it does crash and shows the above messages, what should I do? So far I have solved this by doing a hard shutdown, then pressing the power button to boot up the computer. At first it was crashing once a week, then nearly once a day, and now it's crashing once or even twice a day. The problem began about 3 weeks ago.



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Drum Roll.... And your NUC model number is...


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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On the back of the NUC I see the following:

Product code: BOXNUC7i5BNH
Regulatory Model:  NUC7i5BNH
Electrical Rating: 19V... 3.43A
Date of Manufacture: 12/2018
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7260U CPU @ 2.20GHz   2.21 GHz
Installed RAM: 8.00 GB (7.89 GB usable)
Product ID: 00326-10000-00000-AA353
System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Edition: Windows 10 Home
Version: 21H2
Installed on 3/18/2021
OS build: 19044.1826
Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0
I looked up CRITICAL PROCESS DIED on Microsoft's support site and it said I might have downloaded a new program that's making the computer crash. I don't think I have downloaded any new programs since I installed Windows 10 when I got the computer 3 years ago. 
I get a blue screen I get when the computer first crashes. It says "Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you. For more information about this issue and possible fixes, visit".  If you call a support person, give them this info: Stop code: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED."  
Thanks for your help!
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Here are screenshots showing the initial "bluescreen" and then the screen that eventually follows the bluescreen.

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Hello Lorin,

Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities.   

Due to this product being discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it. I am glad to see that fellow community members have the knowledge, and they jumped in and helped. 

You may also find the Discontinued Products website ( helpful to address your request.  

You can get the specifications and verify this product's discontinuance status at the Intel® Product Specifications website > Product Status > "Discontinued".   

Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.  

Best regards,

Steven G.

Intel Customer Support Technician.

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