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NUC periodically freezes during reboot



    I bought a NUC off of Newegg a few weeks ago to install Linux on and play around with (Ubuntu desktop 20.04.5). Occasionally it freezes hard on a reboot, requiring removal of power for a few seconds -- holding the power button down for a few seconds does nothing at this point. This device came with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled, which I wiped completely to install Ubuntu in its place. Is there some setting in the firmware I need to adjust to get it to work correctly with Ubuntu, i.e. to avoid these hangs on reboot? (It appears the freezing issue, if it does come up, occur as the OS is shutting down, that is, before the device's boot screen comes up and before it can get a chance to load the OS again). Again, it happens sporadically, once every 10th reboot or so on average. I usually have it running headless and reboot it by logging in via SSH and issuing a "sudo /sbin/reboot". I have not changed any of these settings since I got the device. I'm wondering if something in the settings is tripping Ubuntu up but is not a problem when in Windows. Specs below:


Intel NUC10i7FNHN Mini PC

Intel Core i7-10710U 1.10Ghz



Thunderbolt, Card Reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Came with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled, replaced with Ubuntu Desktop 20.04.5.


Anything else I might be missing here? Any help would be appreciated.



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Hhmmm, feels like a BIOS issue. Have you installed the latest BIOS available for your NUC. It can be downloaded from here: I suggest using the F7 method to install it. That is, place the .BIO file in the root of a USB flash disk. Insert the disk into a (rear best) USB connector, power on the NUC and then use F7 to enter the BIOS Update selection dialog. Select the USB flash disk and then the .BIO file to install. When the update completes, the NUC will reboot.

Hope this helps,


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