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NUC, thoughts, warranty issue, pre-owned, bought new - other causes.


Hello, this is probably my first and only thread on the site as I'm not an intel fan.  I bought a NUC 8 i3 brand new from amazon but things haven't gone staright with it so I'm looking for thoughts or explanations on the issue to help me to decide my course of action.  Right, I bought the NUC brand new and when it arrived I tried the warranty checker but my NUC wasn't found.  I contacted support for an online chat and they told me that the warranty would expire for it in August 2023 which means that it must have started two months ago, now I've got two issues on the matter I want to resolve before or if I send it back.


First of all I know that the NUC 8 is now an old model, which I chose because it only needed 32Gb of RAM, so I'm wondering if intel are offering shorter warranties on this model?


Secondly how could this happen and is it possible to tell a used unit from a new unit just by looking at some security tab or something like that?  It's strange to think that there's a person out there using a PC for two months and then filtering them back into the system as new or whatever, it doesn't quite make sense.


How do intel begin a warranty registration for an unknown unit, how are they first recognised, could this be a simple error?



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Intel Customer Support needs to vet my answer...

First of all, NUCs are covered by a Limited W/W 3-year warranty; there are no longer or shorter warranties offered by Intel. Secondly, Intel warranty coverage is available for purchases made through standard sales channels. When you purchase a unit, the storefront informs Intel of this and the warranty is automatically registered.

Gray market purchases - and yes, unfortunately, this applies to some purchases made through Amazon - do not come with a warranty. I personally would not purchase through Amazon unless purchasing a system-level product provided by a reputable 3rd-party supplier - like SimplyNUC. SimplyNUC is purchasing the NUC kits from Intel, adding memory, storage and O/S and is then selling this system-level product to you. In this case, the warranty you receive is from SimplyNUC, not Intel. This model is no different from what you see when purchasing, say, a laptop from Dell or HP; they warrant the entire laptop; you do not have a warranty from Intel for the processor or chipset that happens to be included in this laptop.

Hope this explains it,


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