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NUC with usb-c docking station for multiple DP monitors


Hi, I am considering buying NUC10i5FNK but I would like to confirm it's compatability with my existing docking station which I use to connect 2 Display Port monitors.


The docking station I have is the StarTech TB3CDK2DPUE which is both USB Type C & Thunderbolt 3.


I think I need to confirm that the USBC-Type C connector on the NUC supports both DP Alt Mode and MST. The tech specs are not 100% clear to me and my situation as I am not looking to daisy chain monitors, but use the docking station.


Thanks in advance,





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All models in the FN NUC family (Kits and Systems) support DP Alt Mode, MST Hubs and Daisy-Chaining via their USB-C connectors. Only the rear USB-C connector supports Thunderbolt 3, however. Since only a single DP 1.2 output is supplied to each USB-C connector, its bandwidth is shared by all connected monitors. This means that two 4K monitors connected via one USB-C connector will reduce the supportable frequency to 30Hz.


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