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NUC10i5 wont bitstream audio to brand new AVR especially DTS X or Atmos

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My brand new NUC10i5FNH wont bitstream audio to brand new AVR especially DTS X or Atmos. My previous Celeron Gigabyte brix worked perfectly fine with intel hardware which this directly replaced. I know it's not my setup.

*update* This is now Intel case number 04708595

Symptom: Video will stutter on playback almost no motion, and no sound at all on bitstream audio.

Troubleshooting I've tried:

  1. I installed the entire driver package for my NUC and verified they are all the latest drivers as well.
  2. I've tried various players, kodi, window 10 movie player (oem one installed with w10) as well as MPCBE
  3. Swapped HDMI Cables
  4. Gigabyte Brix HTPC has no issue on same hardware and same w10 OS image.
  5. All drivers, os updates and bios updated and verified correct versions via device manager.

Regular audio works fine on same files, only when enabling bitstreaming Atmos or DTS:X content does not

The really odd thing is that the dolby access app from the w10 store will play atmos content. Not sure if this is technically bitstreamed or not.

Going on 2 nights now of trying to get this to work.

Hardware connected: Monoprice 48gbps 8k HDMI cable > Denon x4700h 8k AVR > Samsung 4k HDR 6 series tv.

See my attached system report.

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Just wanted to tell everyone that I went and returned my NUC to the seller for a refund. With the 4th sales going on I just went and ordered everything to build my own atx htpc. Unfortunately nowhere near as small as the NUC   but it is what it is. I appreciate your help in the matter.

Thanks again and have a fun & healthy 4th

Got it.

Sorry to hear, but I get it.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend as well!


I'm so happy I found this thread. I was almost desperate after spending 2 full days in doing , unsuccessfully, what @democamber did.

My set up is as follow:

Intel NUC8I5BEH, Denon X-2700 (1 week old), Windows 10 Home 2004, 48Gbps tested HDMI cables.

My issue is not with ATMOS, but just with DTS (any DTS codec).

BIOS is updated, HDMI Firmware is updated (1.77, rolled back to 1.73 with no difference), Windows has been reinstalled from scratch, cables and AVR inputs switched, several players including Windows Media player, Cyberlink 20, Kodi, VLC.

Same results, no pass-through (or defective pass-through stream) from the NUC.

BTW, I can play the same DTS tracks from an old HP notebook and a MAC Pro, connected to the same AVR port using the same cable.

I love the NUC, please fix it!



Link to the AVR manual. The 2700 is the last addition to the brand new Denon X-Series, available to the US market since just few weeks.



Hi @MaxMucci ,

Hmm, that's really strange. To confirm, no DTS playback at all? Whether DTS, DTS-HD MA or DTS:X?

Also, no issues with Dolby?

Seeing as you just got this receiver and I see it's HDMI 2.1, any chance you used the NUC on an older receiver (preferably not HDMI 2.1) and did it work then?


Hi @Chris_V_Intel,

Thank you for looking at this issue.

That is correct. No issue with Dolby, DD+, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos.

No audio out for DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-MA, DTS-MA HR, DTS:X

I have audio tracks with all those formats I was used to play with the Denon S750H and the NUC with no problems. When the new X-2700 came in , I just unplugged the cables from the S750 and connected the X2700 in, unlucky move.

This is the link to the S750

My feeling is me and @demoncamber are just the tip of the iceberg, the more the new units will spread to the marked, the more complains we will see. And maybe this is not going to happen only with Denon but with other  brands too.

Just a remainder, everything works if I connect my 8 years old notebook HP Spectre XT.

I'm in Dallas, do you guys have any office around here, I can bring the AVR in.

New Contributor I

This is a bit of a random guess, but are the newer NUCs actually licensed for DTS?

DTS requires a specific license that the manufacturer must buy, even for ARC pass through support.  It was basically an assumed feature for many years, but some newer devices are dropping DTS support entirely (like the LG CX).

Chris_V_Intel reported success on an Intel NUC10i5FNK, so I doubt licensing is the issue unless he was on a different BIOS/firmware that has DTS support and others are not.


Thank you @sbmi

Unfortunately licensing should not be the issue 'cos the same NUC behaves differently on 2 different Denon AVRs. Also, the decoding happens on the AVR which should carry the license.

My guess, based on my exhausting and frustrating tests, is the new series is more picky about the data format and somewhere in the stream there is an 'intruder' or something simply not set.


New Contributor I

DTS requires a license even just to support pass through.

But if the same NUC works fine on one receiver and not the other, then it's not a licensing issue with the NUC.


Thanks for the offer @MaxMucci, but we don't have anything down there.

I'll see what I can do to purchase an HDMI 2.1 receiver, as it's the only guess I have, since I've definitely tested DTS formats on this device previously, without issue. It may take a month or two to acquire the AVR.

I'm going into the office tomorrow, so I can test again, but my guess is it's due to the HDMI version. 

I'll let you know what I find.



Once again, I thank you for looking at this issue.

Unfortunately, your answer is not what I was expecting, and is something that I can't accept from you (and when I say you I mean Intel).

You are advertising the NUC family as an HTPC, but the product is failing in it's main purpose; to be connected to an AVR.

You already had two people spending their own time debugging your system, which gives you a perfect starting point to investigate and fix this issue. Waiting 2 months hoping that something will eventually be fixed is not an option.

While we are here talking about spending some money, I see three options:

- I spend $800 purchasing a different PC, forgetting about INTEL, and enjoy my music tonight;

- You buy an $800 Denon or whatever AVR you want on Amazon, get it tomorrow, and use some R&D hours to fix your product in few days (or, at least, find the problem in few days) keeping your customers updated on your progress;

- You buy an $800 Air ticket, come to my house, bring your tools, enjoy some music, and debug the system;

If I were your manager or director, and drawing from my own experience as one, I would go with option 2 hands down. Now, as a person, I want to enjoy my music and life, so I'm ready to go with option 1.

I have some threads open on Audio and HT related forums regarding this issue, and will have to post my findings; Hopefully it will be something good.

Best regards,



I get it @MaxMucci, I'd be pretty upset in your situation as well.


1. I have NOT been able to reproduce this, at least with an HDMI 2.0 AVR.

2. I only see user and he was not using HDMI 2.1, at least from what he said, see #1.

3. This NUC, NUC8, as with NUC10, came out before any HDMI 2.1 AVR was out to test, as far as I know of. We can't test something that isn't available.

As I'm sure you know, without being able to duplicate the issue, it's quite difficult to fix. 

That being said, I got the ok to purchase the AVR. I will most likely get the same unit as you have, as, for some reason, it seems we hear from Denon users more than others.

I will order it on Monday. Have a nice weekend.


Hi @Chris_V_Intel,

This is a good news!

I am not upset, I am just taking a critical view of the situation, and I am confident you can fix the problem.

Just note the X-4700 to which @demoncamber is referring uses HDMI 2.1 as well; It is the same unit I am using with some extra features and extra power. This is somehow supporting your idea.

I also understand you can't test something that wasn't existing. I like the positive attitude you guys are now showing.

I will continue playing with my system and I will update you if I discover something else. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Thank you, have a great weekend.




Hi, @MaxMucci 

Just wanted to give another update as you may not hear from me for a bit.

We'll be purchasing the Denon this week and I should be able to test it by, at latest, the end of next week.

I'll update this thread as soon as I have a result!


Thank you for the update @Chris_V_Intel, very appreciated.

I didn't do any extra test with the NUC, I don't know what to test anymore, but I replaced it with my old HP Spectra notebook and I confirm everything is working 100%, any format, any track. 

Again, let me know if I can help.



Hi @MaxMucci , hope you had a nice weekend.

Just wanted to let you know, I'll be going into the office this Wednesday (9/23) to test this. I'll let you know what I find out!


Perfect, let me know if you need any specific audio/video track to play with.


Always best if we test the same content.


Hi @MaxMucci ,

I went into the office today and didn't have much luck.

The ONLY sound I could get out of the X2700H was stereo. Whenever I tried a Dolby or DTS format, nothing. 

I tried it on our HDMI 2.0 receiver, a Yamaha RXA-1050, both formats worked flawlessly.

The only thing I could think of is the HDMI cable. I was using a regular 4K, non-8K cable. However, I had the AVR set to take that kind of cable-see pic.

community-video signal format.png

I'm getting some HDMI 2.1 cables and will try again next week. I'll also read the manual, but never had so much trouble with an AVR before.

Will update you when I'm done testing.



Hi @Chris_V_Intel ,

I'm sorry you are having hard time...

Forget about the cable, I'm sure you understand some of the non-sense about cables and this is definitely not the issue here.

The picture you attached is about the 4K/8K video format. I suppose you are not using any 8K TV or monitor therefore that setting should be left in the default (Enhanced) position.

If you really want to test your cable, consider those new units have an internal test.

This is the link to the documentation:

denon_hdmi_diagnostics_and_troubleshooting_eng_im_v00.pdf (

(This document is not updated and doesn't mention the new X-series, but the tool is the same)

You are getting only stereo... this is very bad. I'm not sure if the tracks you are playing include different formats other than stereo and DTS.

As a recap, I can run Atmos, any Dolby, but no DTS.

Please be sure you have the right music profile selection, I'll suggest you set Pure/Auto. This way the AVR does its job bypassing your choices.

I would not blame the Denon, though, maybe it is just because of updated standards.

I think you have access to my e-mail, maybe we want to keep this outside of the community to share ideas and test in a easier way and eventually you'll update the community with your final findings.