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NUC10i5FNK multiple display


I just buy Intel NUC Kit NUC10i5FNK2  i5-10210U and I try to connect 3 display

1) one is connected on htmi  connector

2) the two other are connect using thunderbolt 3 connector via a docking station caldigit mini that provide 2 display ports

the problem is that only  one display on dicking station is detected. I can try either DP connector, only one is detected at the time

the cable are active cables

in the bios, i try all 3 differents options for "primary display".

the intel specification say that this nuc support  3 display monitors

the drivers are the latest one from intel web site

under windows 10 , device manager , no device is "unknow/not recognized"


can you help me ? does somebody was able to use 3 monitors ?



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HI @nico75 

 Yoy can connect multiple monitors to your NUC, using daisy chain connection. Daisy-chaining describes the ability to connect multiple monitors using a single connection between each one. All displays and all cables must support the DisplayPort 1.2 specification. See this page for more detailed explanation.  Pay attention that the resolution and refresh rate are limited in this connection ( 4096x2304 at 30Hz or 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz)





thanks for the answer.

the problem is that the display monitors are not daisy chained. the 2 monitors does not have IN and OUT  connectors

this is why I'm using caldigit hub .

I asked to caldigit support the problem and they say the following:

If one display is working at a time through the dock, it could be that the NUC is using 2 Lane Thunderbolt 3 instead of 4 Lane. A 4 lane Thunderbolt 3 computer, that supports two video streams over Thunderbolt, is required to make use of both video ports on the dock at the same time. Otherwise, only one would work at a time. 


is this possible ? does the nuc computer does not have a full thunderbold 3 implementation?





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1. Thunderbolt 3 technology was developed by Intel (in collaboration with Apple). It can connect in Daisy Chain up to 6 devices. 

2. The NUC10i5FNK as defined  in para. trough in Technical Product Specification supports up to three monitors:

3. Three monitors using Daisy Chained DP monitors (with DP input and output) or, three monitors connected to DP 1.2 hub or, three monitors where one is connected to HDMI port and two other Daisy Chained with DP monitors.

4. So, if there is no problems with cable you should check that your hub support DP 1.2 and/or is not failed.