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NUC10i7 Realtek Audio Driver Setup V6.0.8950.1 Results in No Audio


Windows10Pro (21H1 @build 19043.1081), via NVMe in NUC10i7FNH driving LG-OLED (@UHD-4K) as HTPC, w/32GB (2 sticks) DDR4 memory. 

While looking for new HDMI drivers (HEVC), Intel NUC site recommended newly released "...NUC10i7FNK_Win10-64_Drivers.20210518" package (@1.7GB zip) for all of the latest updates.

Upon updating the BIOS and commenced Windows10Pro drivers updates; during the update installation of the "" (<< this is the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver update package) a reboot was required: 

Since that point, there are no longer any audio devices in my system:

I have tried many different fixes but with the same results of having *no audio, *no sound devices installed and *no audio drivers:

1)Win10 shows a red X on the speaker icon.

2)Win10 Troubleshooter confirms that there are *no audio devices,  *no audio drivers and *no sounds in the system.

3)I have tried to re-install these new Realtek Audio drivers multiple times to no avail.

4)I have installed the Intel Driver-and-Support-Assistant and the results show no problems *but ignores the audio subsystem (or possibly any audio testing) from the results.

5)Intel recommendation of re-installing the new igfx driver package was of no help

6)Intel's HDMI Firmware Update Tool (V1. did not resolve my problem with Win10 Troubleshooter still insisting "No Audio Devices Installed".

7)I have tried a variety of 'fixes' (stopping audio services, deleting/installing drivers from the DeviceManager, etc); as suggested by both Microsoft and Intel support/Faq sites which have been of no help to get rid of the "No Audio Devices Installed".

8)Intel's SystemSupportUtility will be of no help but the report is included here.

9)I have even tried to roll-back to an older Windows SystemRestore point without resolving the "No Audio Devices Installed" problem

My ONLY way to be able to get the NUC10i7/Win10 audio subsystem to partially operate (w/limited features)  is by using the following steps:

>>Device Manager >>SystemDevices >>IntelSmartSoundTechnologyAudioController >>RightClickUpdateDriver >>BrowseMyComputerForDrivers >>LetMePickFromAListof AvailableDriversOnMyComputer >>Select"HighDefinitionAudioController"

DeviceManager Properties (upon installation) shows the following 'Properties' for the HD Audio Controller:*Provider:Microsoft, *DriverDate:20210608

DriverVersion:10.1.19041.1081 (drmk|hdaudbus|portcls.sys)


Short of reinstalling Win10Pro from scratch; I have ran out of alternatives.

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