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NUC10i7 SATA cable design/batch flaw


I think that there is a design/batch flaw with the SATA cable on the NUC 10i7

I have purchased three of these devices, 2 earlier this year, 1 about a month ago. I have recently tried to add 2.5" SSDs to the systems for some more storage. 

Out of hte three units, only the third one worked immediately. I thought after the first two it might be incompatible hardware, but after swapping components in and out, the fault is following the SATA cable. 

The first device, the SSD works so long as I don't close the chassis up. Device number 2 might be that the connector on the motherboard has had too much pressure on it.

It would appear to me that the SATA cable itself is being bent too much for the connectors on the boards when the chassis is closed. 




Upon boot up of the OS both the M2 and SATA device are detected. Both devices 'appear to work'

Under load, WRITES to the SSD fail with SCSI errors


1) where can I obtain a new SATA cable from (the links provided my INTEL don't sell the cable for the NUC10 range)

2) How can I CONTACT INTEL for warranty? 

 The warranty form is currently not working for me. IF I AM LOGGED IN, and go to Support -> Warranty & Replacement, and then click NUC, the page refreshes me back to the main support page. IF I AM NOT LOGGED IN, clicking NUC allows me to enter the registration details and confirm the warranty is valid until 2023, but as soon as I go through to raise a case, it requests me to log in and then loops back to the main support page, loop again.

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Gareth, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In reference to your inquiry, just t let you know, the option to replace just the SATA cable might not be available, a replacement of the Intel® NUC itself will be needed.

In order to replace it and to gather all the instructions about the warranty process, you can use the following links to contact your local Intel® support department, for phone support, depending on the location, you will see the contact information on the link below.

EMEA contact information, look for UK in there:

Or you can contact Intel® Chat support using the following link:,

Any questions, please let me know.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel

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