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NUC10i7FNH - Problem with wireless keyboard and mouse (2,4 GHZ Usb-Stick)


I´m new to this forum, to NUC and Win10Pro. Used for more than 20 years apple products. Now changed to PC.


The NUC is a great system. I bought a kit and installed Optane Memory H10 with SSD 32 GB M.2 and 1000 GB Intel, all on one M.2.

I use 32GB DDR4-2666 SO-DIMM (Kit of 2).

Win 10 Pro.

All updates made, including bios and everything Intel offers. Systems works fine!!!


1 big problem. When i use my wireless Jelly Comb Keyboard and Mouse ( the mouse does not work well. When I use any of the offered USB-Ports (or even a USB-C Hub) only the mouse makes problems. And if i use it together with the 2,4GHZ USB-Stick any other Stick (64 GB) the mouse does not work any longer.

It is definitely NOT a problem of the mouse, because tested on other systems like a MacBookPro late 2011 or a Lenovo Duet Chromebook it works fine.

Where is the problem???

Can someone give me an advice?

Thank you.


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Hi @Gruun 

1. The USB WiFi receiver may suffer from EMI interference. Please try to connect this receiver in some distance from the USB 3 port on your NUC. You may use USB some extension cable or connect it to USB HUB

2. FYI, in all my NUC computers I'm using Logitech mouse + keyboard combo (like this one) and I don't have problem with mouse or keyboard.





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