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NUC10i7FNH main HDMI port problem on two copies at once


Our company has purchased two 10th generation Intel Nucs with i7 processor.
I launched them today and ran into a problem. After the first shutdown of the device, the video signal was no longer transmitted through the main HDMI port. (there is a video via thunderbolt)

Here is my sequence of actions:
1) Installed 16GB RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, 256GB SATA-3 SSD;
2) I started the computer, the video signal was transmitted through the main HDMI;
3) Installed Windows 10 from a bootable USB flash drive (I did not connect the Internet and did not install additional drivers);
4) Turned off the computer. On my next attempt to turn on the video through the main HDMI no longer transmitted, the monitor says NO VIDEO SIGNAL

Here's what I tried to fix the problem:
1) Reboot, power off for a couple of minutes, change HDMI cable and monitor;
2) HDMI connection via thunderbolt adapter (video works through it);
3) Update the BIOS to latest version using a flash drive with a .cad file at the root (the update was successful, but the problem remained).

Please tell me how to solve my problem? I will always have time to return the device under warranty.

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Hi @prokakal 

I would start with installing the Chipset Device Software and rebooting your NUC.

Is there any reason to not installing also the Intel DCH Graphics Driver? If not, please install it.nuc



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I will try that option today.

One more nuance:
There is no video signal via main HDMI even when loading postcodes. I mean I can't see the BIOS and Nuc logo when I turn it on.

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In order to get better information about your system, please download the Intel System Support Utility (SSU). Run the SSU scan and save the results. The .txt file with the results please attach to your post.


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Hello again.
I figured out the problem.
The hdmi port of the motherboard is not detected by the system as the main one, already at the bios stage.
This means that post codes and bios are displayed only on a monitor connected to thunderbolt.
I did not have a video signal, because the video drivers were not installed on clean windows 10 and the monitor connected to the hdmi of the motherboard (the second one) was not detected.
That is, when I turn on the computer with the only power cable and the only hdmi cable connected to the motherboard (without thunderbolt), I cannot see the bios. The monitor shows nothing until the Windows desktop is loaded.
Why did it happen and how to make the hdmi port in the motherboard the main port of the system so that I can see the BIOS?
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You'll need to have just one monitor connected to do this...

  1. Use F2 key at POST to enter BIOS Setup.
  2. Click on Advanced and then Video.
  3. Change the IGN Primary Video Port parameter setting from Auto to HDMI.
  4. Press F10 key and then <Enter> key to save this configuration changed and exit BIOS Setup.

Hope this helps,


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