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NUC11 Thunderbolt ports failed


I've opened a support ticket, but wanted to see if there was any similar reports here.

Nuc11TNHi5 been using both Thunderbolt ports since I got the box in June with no issue, one as a sound card, and one as a 10Gb network adapter.  Today they both stopped working and I can no longer connect anything to either port.  Both devices work in another older NUC8.

I checked that the drivers were up to date, checked they were still enabled in the BIOS.  Updated to the latest BIOS as the Intel updater suggested, and still nothing.

I assume they are fried, but just curious if anyone else has suffered a similar issue.

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In case anyone else runs into this problem, Intel support came back and asked me to reset the BIOS to defaults which appears to have worked.

I hadn't made any change or update and it failed during normal use, but apparently there can be a 'disconnect' between BIOS and driver or something along those lines, which requires you to do a reset to defaults (none of the settings were changed in the BIOS previously).

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