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NUC11PAH5 i5 brand new issues


Just bought NUC11PAH i5 kit with Kingston 500GB SSD, Kingston 16GB RAM and Windows 10. Factory BIOS settings - no change. I have two questions:

1. The amber HDD LED keeps flashing from the moment of power up, even when there is no HDD activity. Is that normal?

2. Win10 setting: sleep after 30 minutes of no activity. Never sleeps according to setting. Has to sleep/hibernate it manually. Any suggestion?

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On #2, there was a problem with a few of my NUCs not sleeping that was corrected by a Windows update and then promptly broken again in the next update.


Fortunately, this fix was added back into the upcoming update and if you are willing to install the update manually you can get it now ahead of its official release.

Install this first, its the SSU needed to ensure correct cumulative update installation(you may already have this installed):

 And then this:


If you are unfamiliar with installing Windows updates via .CAB files, do a google search for 'add install .CAB file to context menu'.

On both of my NUC systems that were refusing to sleep this update fixed the issue.

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