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NUC11PAHi7: Unable to enable Legacy Boot


Model: NUC11PAHi7 (purchased some days ago)

BIOS: latest (357.0048)

OS installed: Linux Mint (Ubuntu-based distro) only


Secure Boot: disabled

Native ACPI OS PCIe Support: unselected


According to what I've read so far, the above should allow me to enable the S3 suspend mode by simply selecting Legacy Boot somewhere in the BIOS. But, Legacy Boot is nowhere to be seen here. Is anything else that I should try? 


From what I can judge, the unit goes to sleep (the only lamp I can see is the power button blinking blue at a relatively high frequency, which if I'm not wrong means the that the S5 status is active. The fun keeps rotating at low speed and the case is cold.


Thanks for any help.


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OK, I've just found that the NUC11PAHi7 doesn't support Legacy boot, and this maybe why I can't find a way to set it in the BIOS. Plus, I'm on Linux Ubuntu, which is reportedly not supported on the very NUC.

It's fine. The unit goes to sleep anyway and resumes correctly from standby. I'm only a little bothered by the fan continuously rotating (at low speed) and the Ethernet lights always active. Is this an acceptable condition re. fan's durability?



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@MarioJP Connected Modern Standby leaves the system in low power but on. It's the new version of sleep introduced in Windows 8 or later, but obviously you are on Linux. Fan hysteresis can leave the fan low in idle states in Connected Modern Standby. Yes, it can be annoying, but I end up just shutting my NUC11PAHi5 off at night. I know in extreme series NUCs, the engineers implemented "fan off capability" which shuts the fans off if a given safe temperature hysteresis range is maintained. 

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Thank you, Spidey. We are moving away from Windows, one of the reasons being the very Modern Standby that keeps waking up our PCs at night to update all sorts of programs despite our various attempts to have this happen at daytime. I understand that only a few NUC models are validated by Intel to work under Linux, but not being a software engineer I can't either understand why BIOS cannot be taught to behave differently when the only OS installed is Linux.

At any rate, I'm always reluctant to switch all the PCs off at night, for I read multiple times that this is when problems are more likely to occur. (One recently purchased DELL Precision died on me last month when switching on in the morning.)

I can live with the Microsoft-engineered Modern Standby on Linux too as long as the NUC doesn't wake up during the night and, most importantly, stays cool. But, my fear is that this continuous fun activity, albeit at low speed, could accelerate its performance decay and keep sucking in dust.


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Hello MarioJP,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. I understand that you have a question about the Legacy boot for your Intel® NUC 11 Performance kit - NUC11PAHi7.

As you mentioned the NUC is not reported as Linux support and the Legacy Boot is no longer supported by some NUCs. Bear in mind that Intel will not support issues, questions, or debug scenarios on legacy platform BIOS configurations, as they are not official plans on record. This includes some 10th-generation Intel platforms launching/launched in 2020 and all future platforms.

You can check which NUC supports Legacy Boot in the following link:

I recommend you check with the Linux distributor for any drivers, BIOS, and firmware updates needed by the system.



Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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