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NUC11PHKi7C M.2 specs

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I see that the NUC11PHKi7C has a page up now:

There is mention of 2 M.2 ports but the configuration is kind of vague:

"22x80; 22x80,110"

Does this indicate that 1 will be 2280 and one will be 22110/2280 or are both 22110? In past press releases there was mention of 2 22110 M.2 ports so I am looking for clarification. I have some 905P M.2 drives that I might use here if possible.

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I interpret this as one 2280/22110 and one 2280. This is consistent with the NUC roadmap foils leaked back in March (see:, so the expectation has been consistent throughout.


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Well, it looks like the Intel just dragged the 905P out behind the shed and shot it. If anyone is planning on buying a 22110 905P for their NUC11PHKi7C you had better do it now, or face the wrath of P4801X pricing:

Maybe we will get lucky and see a P5801X 22110 M.2 SSD but seeing that all of the P5800X drives are U.2, I highly doubt it.

People are saying the the NUC11PHKi7C will ship in March so its kind of annoying that a full month and a half before the launch the only drive worth using in the 22110 port is being discontinued. Oh well. I have an extra 905P so I'm good, sucks for anyone that misses out.

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