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NUC11TNHi5 has issue about sleep mode in Windows


I just bought NUC11TNHi5 barebone (with an Intel 535 I used before, 16GB*2 DDR4 kit Crucial CT2K16G4SFRA32A brand new) 2 weeks ago. I noticed that if the device turns to sleep mode, it will always get a blue screen later.
OS: Windows 10 Pro 21H2 (I can find some cases with Windows 11 with search engine)
BIOS: 0067 (latest version released in August)
Graphic driver: (latest version)
All other drivers are updated to latest through Intel Driver & Support Assistant
I use a monitor with Displayport 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 (DELL S2417DG, I tried both HDMI to HDMI and TB3 to Displayport on alt mode)

How to reproduce the issue:
Just use start menu -> sleep and that is it.

What I can see:
The power button LED will turn to flash mode in some seconds. Then:
1. If I use mouse or keyboard before the LED start to flash (but after the screen turned off), the system will restore immediately without asking for a Windows log in password. I can still click something but the system will get BSOD in seconds.
2. If I use mouse or keyboard (or power button, anyway) after the LED start to flash, the system will restore immediately without asking for a Windows log in password, but this time the desktop cannot be clicked (the pointer of mouse is still movable)
Also, I can see the red cross on the sound level icon at the corner of taskbar (The system set the HDMI/DP as default audio output, I think that means the device cannot recognize display device correctly, that is why I list the graphic driver and the slot I used above) and BSOD in seconds
3. If I do nothing, the device may wake up itself randomly -> then BSOD
No matter 1/2/3, once BSOD appeared, it will reboot automatically, display Intel NUC logo (which replaced Windows logo while the system is booting) then give a message "A bootable device has not been detected"
I followed the webpage: to disable PCIe ASPM Support but the issue is still exist.

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