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NUC11TNHv5 Standby Modes


Grateful if anyone can advise if the NUC11TNHv5, currently running on bios version 58, supports ACPI S3 Standby Power Model.

After installing Windows 10 Professional on this NUC I can only find Modern Standby settings in the bios.

I see in the NUC10i357FN Technical Product Specification that Standby Power Model switching is supported with a complete operating system reinstallation. However there is no mention of ACPI S3 Standby Power Model, or of Standby Power Model switching, in the NUC11TNHv5 Technical Product Specification.

If ACPI S3 Standby Power Model could be implemented on the the NUC11TNHv5 I would certainly move to completely reinstall Windows 10 Professional, if that were necessary.

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Hi @rgord1 

The Tiger Canyon NUC doesn't supports Legacy S3 Standby mode in BIOS settings. I don't like this either, because Modern Standby never worked for me as expected. However I have some good news for you.  The Modern Standby can be disabled by editing Registry.  I suggest that you should add this Registry key, while you booted into Windows in SAFE mode first. This may protect your Windows from be corrupted. Any way, prepare full system backup to be on the safe side.




Thanks for confirming that Legacy S3 Standby mode is not supported in BIOS settings in the NUC11TNHv5.

I have attempted the PlatformAoAcOverride registry modification, and while the S0 state can be disabled in favour of the S3 state, I could not find any way to wake this NUC from an S3 sleep state: not by keyboard, mouse, USB remote control or WOL. I have had to restore Modern Standby and put up with everything waking the PC from an S0 state, and no option to selectively disable say wireless mouse and keyboard from waking the PC.

Do you know if there is any possibility that Intel could release a bios update that gives users the option to install Windows with the S3 Standby Power Mode?


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I'm sorry that the hack didn't work, while it is suggested by Microsoft and Intel here. As far I understand, the Modern Standby is pushed by Microsoft and as result of this, Intel removed the Legacy S3 Standby option from BIOS. I haven't idea if and when the Legacy S3 will be enabled.