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NUC11TNKv5 Powers back on again after shutting down VMware ESXi 7


Hi there,

I have 3 x Intel NUC11TNKv5 NUCs configured with 64GB RAM, 16GB USB3 boot disk, Samsung EVO 960 NVMe cache and Crucial 500GB capacity SSDs running VMware ESXi 7.0.1d. My NUCs have the mezzanine module configured to provide a total of 2 x onboard Intel 2.5Gbit/s NICs which requires the Community Networking Driver Fling from VMware in order to recognise the adapters successfully. They are being used in my VMware vSAN lab environment and everything is working normally from the perspective of the day to day functionality. Actually the above could be considered a working spec in case others want to achieve a similar configuration.

However, when I shut down ESXi using the GUI/command line the operating system shuts down, the power light goes off and then after about 1 second it turns itself back on again. The OS then boots up again as normal. This behaviour appeared to me initially as if the NUC thinks a power failure has occurred, and attempts to power itself back on again, so I set the power failure entry in the BIOS to remain powered off but this doesn’t help.

All three NUCs behave the same way, but an identical configuration based upon Intel NUC7i5BNH devices does not exhibit this behaviour. I have set the power management to Balanced, but disabled WiFi, audio, Bluetooth etc. as I won’t be using those features.

Can anyone suggest if this is a known problem or if there’s anything which I can do to troubleshoot further? I’m running the latest BIOS and am now thinking about trying a different OS on a USB drive to see if the power down behaviour is the same. 

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Such phenomena I saw in NUC FN after updating BIOS to new version. After resetting BIOS to default settings, the shutdown was OK again.



Thanks @LeonWaksman - Sorry it took a while to give your advice a try, but I found a newer release of the BIOS (21/5/21) and applied it to all three NUCs today. Then used F9 to load optimised defaults on the main menu but alas no improvement. I also made sure that Wake from Thunderbolt was turned off and Deep S5 was enabled too, again same behaviour.

I’ve never come across a device that powers back on again after OS shutdown, it seems really peculiar. Almost like ESXi is doing a reboot instead of power off. However the key observation is that the power light does switch off for around 1 seconds before it powers back on again.

Anyone else able to reproduce this?
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Hi @Steviestainz 

1. Please ensure in BIOS settings  Power > Secondary Power Settings that After Power Failure is set to Stay Off

2. Just to be sure - after setting to default setting (F9), did you click on F10 to save the default settings?




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"All three NUCs behave the same way,"


Do they all use the same keyboard and mouse ... or each has its own?