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NUC11TNKv5 cannot install windows 10 cause it cannot find any drivers


hello everyone,

I need your help. I cannot find any drivers.

things become like this. I completely follow the steps as  told me.   However, I still did not find any drivers.

To make sure the intel rapid storage system run fine. I did the following steps.

a. SATA controller(s)-- Enabled

b.Enable VMD controller(enable for EAID and Optane Memory) -- Enabled

c. Map this root port under VMD (root port BDF details)-- Enabled

d.Map this Root Port under VMD (root port BDF details SATA controller)--Enabled

e.downloaded RST-Win10_Win11- and unzipped in the U disk  where I downloaded the windows 10 system prepared to install on NUC11TNKv5 

f. downloaded F6flpy-x64 - VMD in the U disk  

It did not work. I still not find any drivers.  I need your help.



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