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NUC12DCMv9 right M.2 port dead (or am i missing something?)

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1 x NUC12DCMv9 (latest firmware)

1 x M.2 256Gb SSD (HFS256G36MND) Confirmed working

1 x M.2 500Gb SSD (WDS500G2B0B-00YS70 Confirmed working

1 x Kingston KF432S20IBK2/64

Windows 11 Pro working on the system on the 256Gb drive


BASICS: (see images)

- The right port (see image) doesnt see any of the above SSDs, either alone ot if the left port is populated (either with VMD active or not).

- The left port sees both SSDs and works fine with windows installed with both VMD on and off.

- This appears to mean the right port is dead as it never sees an SSD whether the left port is populated or not.



- We tried a Western Digital Blue 2Tb M.2 NVMe drive (WDS200T3B0C) in the right port, the system sees that

- Does the right port support M.2 SATA drives? according to your documentation it does and seems to confirm the one on the back does not (there are 3 slots, 2 on the front, 1 on the back, this message only pertains to the 2 on the front)


- The below updated specification sheet (v1.1) seems to say that right port no longer supports SATA, however all the wording says it does... please confirm...


- We installed the WD M.2 SATA 500Gb SSD in the BACK slot, the system now sees this !


The above seems to be confusing, the second slot clearly works, but only with a NVMe SSD drive i tested (and i didnt have anything in the left slot)


What do i need to test?

Is this a case of bad documentation, the orginal image shows the 2 SATA slots on the front, however v1.1 seems to have moved 1 SATA slot to the back now?  as its working now we have used the LEFT FRONT and REAR slot....

Both the SSD's are M.2 SATA, ive checked the documentation, it implies SATA should work in both front ports as says if using RAID 1 then both need to match (SATA / NVMe).


We are testing the system as we plan to install 2 x M.2 NVMe 4Tb Western Digital BLACK drives so i dont want to have $1200 of memory here that doesnt work....  hence this test, i assumed M.2 SATA SSD would work, however maybe it wont?


Many Thanks

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In my copy of the 1.1 version of the TPS - and in a re-download using the link that you provided - the picture looks like this:


This says that it is the 'right' slot that is NVMe-only and that the 'left' and rear slots are PCH-connected and can support either SATA or NVMe SSDs.


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After spending 9 hours on this we found that issue, the specs prior to this had the NVMe only port on the back, see the enclosed images.  The OLD one is version 1.0, the NEW one is v1.1 (same specs as you have).


So did intel really change the board or was the old specs written out wrong?  Also numbering is wrong:

In my BIOS with VMD disabled it shows

  • REAR = PORT 1


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Well, I would be willing to bet that the spec. for DC/ED was derived from the spec. for BT/DB and this difference was not caught in the initial review. It happens. Obviously this was caught afterwards and (quietly) corrected.


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