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NUC5CPYH: No video signal


From today all the video signals of my Intel NUC 5CPYH have stopped to work.

I've tried both HDMI and VGA, with 3 different cables, and two different monitors, that perfectly work with other laptop.

The Intel NUC has been bough on Aug, 2015, it has a Celeron N3050 a Samsung 250GB SSD and HyperX Impact HX316LS9IB/8 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L CL9 SODIMM 1.35V RAM.

  • I have a linux distro installed on it without any remote access, therefore no way to use it anymore.
  • I can see that the OS is loaded as there is activity on HDD LED during boot
  • Tried to access blindly the BIOS with F2: nothing happens on the screen
  • Tried to disable FastBoot blindly with power button sequence and F3, but nothing happens.
  • Please note that the monitor doesn't receive any signal at all, it's not a black screen.

As I've paid 172.00 Euro, only for the barebone, failing after only 3 years, I feel a little bit frustrated and disappointed. I'm pretty sure it's a hardware related issue.

How can Intel solve this issue?

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Hello MarcoG



Thank you for posting in the Intel® community.



Ty to complete the following testing/troubleshooting:


  1. What is the LED status (check status
  2. Try to clear the CMOS (check the location on page 52 section 2.3 on the following link & instructions for jumper method on the following link
  3. Try a minimum configuration in case of a defective SSD (if you get any video the SSD may be defective or need a firmware update)
  4. Possible SSD firmware update may be needed (contact Samsung
  5. BIOS update may be needed (


If the behavior still persists after completing the steps above, please contact the Intel local support; select your location.



I have sent you a private message; please see your private inbox.



Hope this helps.





Leonardo C.


Intel Customer Support Technician


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